10 ​Ways Coats Pharmacy Makes Life Convenient for You

Life is busy and the days are too short to worry about prescriptions. However, medications and vaccinations are essential, and unfortunately, we do have to think about them. At Coats Pharmacy our daily goal is to make the process of taking care of your health as easy and quick as possible.

Here are 10 Ways Coats Pharmacy Makes Life Convenient for You: 

  1. Mobile App. Coats Pharmacy has a mobile app for your convenience. Some of the features include quick prescription refills, refill location transfers, bar code-scanner, detailed prescription information, and more.
  2. Free Delivery. We are not your local Walgreens or CVS. We can bring prescriptions to your door, free of charge, Monday through Friday.
  3. Easy to Switch Over. Are you interested in transferring your prescriptions from a name-brand clinic to us, your local pharmacy? We make the process easy and seamless. Simply contact us and we will get you started today.
  4. Easily Accessible. At Coats Pharmacy, we are easy to find, get ahold of and connect with. We are open 6 days out the week, have contact options on our website, come to your door with free deliveries Monday through Friday, and are active on social media.
  5. Friendly Pharmacists. Get to know our educated and caring pharmacists here. Keep in mind we offer pharmacist designed disease-specific vitamin regimens. Ask your pharmacist about it today.
  6. Online Re-order. There’s no need to call, quickly refill your prescriptions on our website in seconds!
  7. Appointment-free Vaccinations. Stop by anytime during our business hours and we will administer your vaccines, no appointment necessary!
  8. Community Feel. We are a part of the community and make it our goal to have you feel like family when you walk through our doors.
  9. Medicare D comparisons from your drug experts. We don’t work for the insurance company or the drug company, we work for you and your best interests.
  10. Gift Section. And, if all those perks weren’t enough – our gift section is available for that last second gift on your way out of the store. Looking for a wellness gift? Pick up some Darby Farms Elderberry or Hemp-based CBD!

Coats Pharmacy offers personal service with the convenience of the customer in mind every step of the way. Contact us today to switch your prescriptions over and become part of our pharmacy family.